Bucket List

I’m going to change things up a little bit and stray from my usual topics. Mostly because I am curious to hear what you all have to say! So I will just jump into this with my bucket list!! On a side note as most of you know on my Facebook page ( just click the link or it is also in the menu bar on my wordpress page )I’m only 21 and with two children so I haven’t gotten to do much…

  1. Visit New York at Christmas! (This is my biggest for my bucket list. It may sound silly but I’ve always wanted to experience the magic of New York this time of year.)
  2. See a sunset at the beach
  3. Have grandchildren (I realize that it’s possible this won’t happen and I would be happy either way.)
  4. Go to a casino in LA
  5. Go whale spotting
  6. Own a cow (unless you are my husband you do not understand how much I love them 💜)
  7. Visit Wales 
  8. Stay at the Abbeyglen Castle Hotel in Ireland
  9. Meet Paul McCartney
  10. See my children be happy in life

There you have it!!! My bucket list. I’m looking forward to reading yours.


One thought on “Bucket List

  1. Your “own a cow” made me think of how I’ve always wanted a pig since I can remember. One day I will!! I hope you get your cow. They are so sweet. I love your bucket list though and you made me want to officially make my own lol.

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