Almost Easter!

It’s almost Easter and boy do we have some exciting news! Sorry but only a few more days till the big reveal!!! To pass some time we can talk ideas.
Baby K is now over a year and Little D is going on 4. So this year we decided to start our new tradition. EGG DECORATING! Sounds silly to be excited but I am. This year I stocked up on fake eggs. I know I know they should be real but come on! I am the only person in this house who eats hard boiled eggs and frankly I do not see myself eating that many eggs.
The baskets have been bought. The kids picked them out for the Easter Bunny to fill. We of course put in candy. Lollipops and chocolate eggs but they get a few gifts too. Everyone gets a PJ set, movie and one toy. Baby K got new magnets for the fridge. Just click the LINK to see for yourself. We have those silly basic numbers and letters that if they get wet the paper comes right off. Talk about a choking hazard. If your child is anything like mine what ever is on the fridge gets torn off at last 5 times a day. So in short I am very excited to throw them away and put her news ones up! They are big enough that I am at ease about choking if I have to ever turn my back away.
Like my mother did for my siblings and I, I hide the baskets for baby K and Little D to find. Something easy, like under the table. Finally we end our night in the freshly washed PJs, popcorn and movie night.
I would love to hear anything that you love to do for Easter! It is always fun to start new traditions.


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